Jan 24, 2021
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22-year-old singer Monetochka announced her pregnancy

16:07, 01.24.2021

The star posted a photo with a rounded belly.

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Singer Elizaveta Gyrdymova, known under the pseudonym Monetochka, got married on December 26 last year. She announced this in her microblog on Instagram. For some time, the identity of the newly-made spouse of Lisa was unknown. However, a number of media outlets disseminated information that the singer had a close relationship with Victor Isaev – her co-author. A few days after the wedding, Lisa confirmed that she had married him.

Today, Monetochka announced pregnancy in her microblog on Instagram. The artist also posted a photo with a rounded belly. “Help me choose the gender of the baby,” she wrote under the photo (the spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged – Prim. line.).

Coin announced her pregnancy

Earlier, Monetochka told what her husband Victor was doing. “Guys, since there is so much talk about our wedding, I wanted to clarify one detail) Everywhere they write that I married my producer, but the fact is that Vitya is not my producer, and never promoted artists in this sense. He is a composer, musician. And I’m a poet) In general, we just write our songs together, I am responsible for the lyrics, Vitya – for the music 🙂 so we are co-authors, partners, fellow tribesmen … and now also spouses) but not a singer and producer))) although I don’t feel any hate for such pairs, I just wanted to correct a nuance that had cut my ear for a long time. And also THANK YOU FOR CONGRATULATIONS !!! I am happy and love you, ”Lisa wrote in her microblog on Instagram.

Coin with her husband Victor

We add that in high school, Lisa met with her peer, but when her creative career began to gain popularity, a conflict arose between the singer and her boyfriend, and the couple broke up. Monetochka herself believes that this is for the best. The sudden popularity also caused a negative reaction from some of her classmates, but, according to the singer, the support of her loyal friends helped her cope with this.

By the way, while still a schoolgirl, Lisa began to write songs based on her poems and perform them, accompanying on keyboards. The topics for the texts were the girl’s thoughts related to various events in her life and those around her. Lisa positions them as socially ironic. Lisa initially saw her peers as a target audience, but gradually the circle of her listeners expanded, covering a variety of categories of people.


Monetochka released her first disc entitled “Psychedelic Cloud Rap” in 2016, when she was 18 years old. The following year, her mini-album, “I am Liza,” was released and her first concert took place in Moscow. And in 2018, the young performer presented the audience with the third disc – “Coloring Pages for Adults”. In addition, Lisa has released about a dozen singles and several clips.

In 2020, Monetochka performed in a new role and starred in a full-length movie for the first time, playing in Zhora Kryzhovnikov’s project “Native”. Liza’s colleagues in the painting were Sergey Burunov, Irina Pegova, Sergey Shakurov and Semyon Treskunov. At the same time, the singer admitted that at first she did not like the auditions and was going to leave, but they showed patience to her. As a result, Lisa liked her heroine and she played her with pleasure.

Coin on the set of the film “Native”

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