Oct 15, 2021
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21-year-old daughter Masha Rasputina accuses brother of harassment


The 21-year-old daughter of the singer Masha Rasputina, Maria Zakharova, said that she had received obscene offers and threats from her older brother. Roman Zakharov spoke about this in the Malakhov show.

The daughter of Masha Rasputina, Maria Zakharova, assures that not so long ago she began to receive threatening notes written in blood. She admitted that she immediately realized that brother Roman was behind this, as he repeatedly rudely to her and even raised his hand. Rasputina’s daughter also decided to tell about the harassment. Allegedly, a relative, who is much older, persuaded her to have sex.

My brother offered to sleep. When I was 17, he molested. I was a virgin and he wanted to be my first man. He even told his mother: “I will pump Masha with drugs and fuck hard”“, – said Maria in the program” Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

Maria Zakharova
Maria Zakharova

Several years ago, Zakharova told her mother about her brother’s behavior. Then the singer advised her daughter to stay away from Roman. “My brother and my mother threatened, said: “She begins to enrage me, I will kill her.” Dad does not believe me, he is on the side of his son. Mom is not a prisoner, of course, but is influenced by her father.“, – added the daughter of Rasputina.

42-year-old Roman denies the accusations against him. According to him, Maria herself flirts with everyone and behaves quite defiantly. “This small insect is good for my daughter. Rasputin is to blame for everything! There is no need to give birth to children in old age, they have a genetic failure. Her both daughters are unfinished … The youngest of the four schools was thrown out, she can’t even write. Masha Jr. took her father’s phone, called his partners and offered herself“, – said Zakharov.

Roman Zakharov.  Transmission frame
Roman Zakharov. Transmission frame

At the same time, Roman did not deny that he raised his hand to his sister. According to him, Maria deserves such an attitude, because the artist was not at all involved in raising her daughter. “As an artist, Rasputin is good, but as a person – envious. She considers herself a queen, while others are a servant. I’ve known her for over 30 years, she hates everyone. Rasputin and my father are not even officially painted. Masha with her daughter, a homeless woman. In which case, everyone will fly out of the house!“- concluded Roman.

Recall that 57-year-old singer Masha Rasputina was married twice and has two daughters from different men. In her first marriage with Vladimir Ermakov, she had a daughter, Lydia, who turned 36 this year. The marriage turned out to be unsuccessful, the couple soon divorced. Then Rasputina found her happiness in an alliance with businessman Viktor Zakharov. In this marriage, her daughter Maria appeared.

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