Sep 14, 2020
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21-year-old Arseny Shulgin admitted that for a long time he had not experienced romantic feelings for his wife

11:15, 09/14/2020

The relationship between the son of the singer Valeria and Liana Volkova began with friendship.

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On August 28, Valeria's youngest son Arseny Shulgin married his chosen one Liana Volkova... The wedding was organized very quickly - less than a month after the marriage proposal. Prior to that, 21-year-old Arseny and 22-year-old Liana met for a little over a year.

Yesterday Arseny Shulgin told how he met his future wife. He was in a restaurant and initially showed interest in Liana's younger sister. Maryane, but immediately found out that the girl was only 16 years old. Then Arseny noticed Liana herself. They laughed at the failed acquaintance and began to communicate. Shulgin said that he did not feel any romantic feelings for the future bride and considered her just a friend.

Arseny Shulgin and Liana Volkova with Valeria

“I have always sincerely believed that friendship between a man and a woman does not exist, and it was this summer that broke my conviction. We communicated absolutely in a friendly manner, and there was no hint of flirting on either side. What could be the reasons? We both just got out of the relationship, and most likely emotionally devastated for new romantic feelings. In September, we stopped communicating closely. I have a job, Liana is studying. Each of us was mired in autumn troubles, there was no time for parties ", - said Arseny (the author's spelling and punctuation are given here and below without changes. - Prim. line.).

Then Arseny decided to go to a friend's birthday celebration in Dubai and called Liana for the company. It was on vacation that young people began an affair. Upon returning to Moscow, the lovers confessed their feelings to each other, and since then they have never parted. The star heir said that after Liana's confession he immediately realized that he wanted to see her as his wife.

Wedding of Arseny Shulgin and Liana Volkova

Recall that Arseny Shulgin and Liana Volkova are now spending their honeymoon in Turkey. The vacation did not start as smoothly as the young couple would like. Arseny Shulgin said that he fell ill with a cold almost as soon as he arrived at a Turkish resort. Valeria's son could not leave the hotel and spent most of his vacation without getting out of bed.

“All this time I’m lying in my room, sick. Today is the first day I feel better. More precisely, I already feel very well. Temperature 36.6 - the first day when I have no temperature. Nasal congestion remained slightly, but this is some kind of toughness. We flew to rest for nine nights, but, in fact, all this time I lay in the room, was ill. Only for two days I swam, rested, "complained Shulgin in his microblog on Instagram. The star heir and his young wife decided to stay at the resort for another week.

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