Apr 27, 2022
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2 things kids don’t forgive their parents

2 things kids don't forgive their parents

The older generation often complains about children who have been spoiled by technology and universal accessibility. Previously, of course, there was a righteous and noble youth. Not like now. But adults often forget that a child is a product of the upbringing of the same older generation. But no, the Internet certainly spoiled the children.

A lot of psychological trauma after this upbringing, the child carries with him into adulthood. Then the children correct all the sins of their parents with a specialist.

Here are the main things that children will not forgive their parents:

1. Broken Promises

Learn to take your promises to your child seriously. What you repent of a trifle can become a traumatic situation for the child.

My grandfather’s mother promised to take him to a music school. The little boy dreamed of playing the trumpet and traveling with concerts. Mom devalued this and said that there was nothing wrong with the fact that he would work at the factory, and would not go around and wait for someone it was not clear. When the kid once again reminded of his dream, he was waiting for a spanking with a belt, standing in a corner and condemnation. The mother screamed, “You are not grateful. You don’t listen to me. Dreaming about what you don’t know. Who needs your music?

And now the little boy has long turned into an adult man. Became a grandfather. But he very often recalls how his mother promised, but did not help fulfill his childhood dream.

If you can’t deliver what you promised, just explain to your child why. Children remember your words and actions. They are far from dumb as you might think.

2. Disrespectful attitude of adults towards their children

Do you think that you look adequate when you devalue your child? Also ubiquitously? Rather, you look like a dumb creature who is trying to rise above a small, loving child.

Understand that raising a victim complex in a child is an extremely failed strategy. Do you think this is how you stimulate it to develop? Good analogy:

The woman and the man live together. He openly expresses disrespect for all her actions. A man devalues ​​and frankly ridicules any occupation of his wife. Especially often he does this with friends and relatives. The woman cries and suffers, but he does not apologize and believes that he is behaving correctly and stimulates her development.

Well, how? Pleasant behaviour? Such a man would be called a tyrant, condemned and pelted with tomatoes. After all, he openly humiliates the woman he loves.

The difference is that an adult can fight back. And the child? How can he defend himself against these attacks?

Understand: children feel and understand everything. You are their primary role model. Put yourself in your child’s shoes more often. Perhaps then it will not seem adequate to you to ridicule, devalue, compare with others and frankly humiliate him in your own words.

When you teach a child to lie and not be responsible for soy words, what are you waiting for? Do you think he will not answer you in the same coin? Do not worry, the time will come and he will demonstrate all the knowledge that you have given him.

Think with your head more often. Love and respect your children.

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