Aug 21, 2022
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2 main conditions and no cracks on tomatoes!

2 main conditions and no cracks on tomatoes!

We will teach you how to grow beautiful tomatoes in your garden without a single crack.

How to grow tomatoes without a single crack

The pleasant appearance of tomatoes depends on several factors, the first is top dressing, during the ripening period of tomatoes it should be half as much as usual, otherwise shock and cracks at the seams. The second most important factor is proper watering.

When you forgot that not only you really want to drink water in the summer, but also your tomatoes.

After a drought, you need to water slowly, little by little, in several doses. If you pour out the entire dose of water at once, then your tomatoes will burst, but not from pleasure, but from an excess of water.

This is how I keep my tomatoes moist for a long time.

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