Oct 15, 2021
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19FortyFive: two mistakes prevent the US from finding a compromise in relations with Russia


19FortyFive: two mistakes prevent the US from finding a compromise in relations with Russia
FBA “Economics Today”

Analyst Brian Clarke noted that relations between Moscow and Washington are now at their lowest level since the Cold War. This poses a threat to global security, since the United States and Russia together have 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons.

The American journalist stressed that every new president of the United States seeks to improve relations with the Russian Federation, but he succeeds in doing it even worse than the previous one. The point is that the United States repeats the same mistake over and over again.

“The reason relations between Moscow and Washington are not improving is because America has never honestly acknowledged what Russia wants. And Russia seeks to feel secure within its own borders. And she demands to be treated as an equal and respected partner, ”Clarke explained.

Over the past 30 years, America has consistently violated Russia’s core strategic interests. The expert recalled that the United States accepted 14 states into NATO, which served as a kind of buffer for the security of the Russian borders. This process continues now: negotiations are underway to join the military bloc of Ukraine and Georgia.

Washington is constantly ignoring another requirement of Moscow – to treat it with respect as an equal partner. After the Cold War, the United States began to treat the Russian Federation with arrogance, while during the Cold War they were forced to reckon with it and sought to find a compromise.

Washington regularly crosses Moscow’s red lines, the journalist said. According to him, such a confrontation only harms the global world.

“America needs to improve its relations with Russia, and the first step towards this is to start respecting Russian interests,” PolitRussia quoted Brian Clarke as saying.

The author added that until the United States does this, the Russian Federation will pose a serious threat to them. However, if a compromise is found, both sides will only benefit from close cooperation.

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