Aug 12, 2022
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19FortyFive: Russia’s NATO Submarine Hunter Ships Have a Second Life

19FortyFive: Russia's NATO Submarine Hunter Ships Have a Second Life

Russian Project 1155 Udaloy anti-submarine ships have found a second life thanks to a recent upgrade and transition to a more multi-role role. This conclusion was made by the columnist of the American edition 19FortyFive Wesley Lee.

According to him, these destroyers were intended to counter US nuclear submarines in the event of a conflict between the USSR and NATO. The first 12 Udaloy-class ships were launched and commissioned into the Soviet fleet in 1980-1990. Later, Russian designers created an updated version of it, equipped to destroy both underwater and surface targets.

An anti-submarine ship with a displacement of more than 8.2 thousand tons, when fully loaded, is capable of speeds up to 54 kilometers per hour. Even in its basic form, Udaloy is heavily armed: it is equipped with eight Rastrub-B anti-submarine missiles, 64 Tor surface-to-air missiles, two Kortik air defense systems, and a 100mm DP cannon. and four anti-aircraft installations.

19FortyFive: Russia's NATO Submarine Hunter Ships Have a Second Life

Initially, the destroyer was designed to protect Soviet cruisers and aircraft carriers from enemy submarines, preventing them from approaching within firing range. However, after the upgrade, the ship had the opportunity to fulfill a more hybrid role. As an example, the analyst cited the project 1155M frigates Marshal Shaposhnikov and Admiral Vinogradov.

The armament of both ships has improved significantly: for example, the Rastrub-B missiles have been replaced by newer Uran anti-ship missiles, vertical launchers for the Caliber, and even Zircon hypersonics.

“The Russian Udaloy-class destroyers are likely to remain an important element of the Russian navy for the foreseeable future. Although they were created in Soviet times as anti-submarine destroyers, the Udaloy class seems to have found a second life through modernization and the transition to a more multi-purpose role, ”the author of the article summarized.

Earlier, Izvestia, citing sources in the military department, reported that the large project 1155.1 anti-submarine ship Admiral Chabanenko would be equipped with unique X-35U multifunctional missiles during the modernization.

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