Aug 21, 2022
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19FortyFive: NATO fears Russian tactical nuclear weapons

19FortyFive: NATO fears Russian tactical nuclear weapons

The Russian army has an impressive arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons, which NATO countries are afraid of, writes 19FortyFive.

The publication notes that Russia can launch missiles with a nuclear charge from the ships of the Navy, combat aircraft, as well as with the help of operational-tactical complexes. The authors of the article emphasize that Moscow views these weapons as an effective means of deterring adversaries.

“Russia has a lot of tactical nuclear weapons, and it will be difficult for NATO to deal with them,” the newspaper writes.

According to experts, the presence of such an arsenal increases the country’s defense capability. In addition, this has a positive effect on the prestige of the state troops, reports PolitRussia.

Today, the RF Armed Forces have about 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons. If necessary, with its help, the Russian side can deliver a lot of trouble to the North Atlantic Alliance.

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