Feb 16, 2021
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19-year-old daughter of Yegor Konchalovsky and Lyubov Tolkalina showed how her mother looked in her youth

13:26, 02.16.2021

Maria Mikhalkova-Konchalovskaya published an archive photo with her parent on her birthday.

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Today is Lyubov Tolkalina’s birthday. The Tetra and Cinema actress is 43 years old. The first to congratulate the artist was her daughter Maria Mikhalkova-Konchalovskaya.

In honor of this date, Maria published an archival photograph with her mother, in which Tolkalina was captured while still very young. Relatives and friends also address the actress with warm words on her birthday from the very morning: “Today is the strangest day of the year. A day of complete vulnerability and defenselessness. The day you really don’t know if the world needs you. Are you walking right. I am called Love. So I go. It happens to me very hard. But I am on the Path. Thanks to everyone who is with me. “

19-year-old daughter of Yegor Konchalovsky and Lyubov Tolkalina showed how her mother looked in her youth

Lyubov Tolkalina gave birth to a daughter, Maria, married to Yegor Konchalovsky. The couple lived together for 17 years, and in 2017 they announced a divorce. However, the actress and director managed to maintain a good relationship. In September last year, the ex-spouses attended the wedding of their only daughter. 19-year-old Masha married a 27-year-old businessman Nikita Kuzmina, with whom she was in a relationship for several years.

At first, Konchalovsky opposed this marriage because of the age difference. But later, realizing that the lovers had the most serious plans, he reconsidered his views. The solemn event was attended only by the relatives and friends of the newlyweds. By tradition, the bride threw her bouquet, and it was caught by her mother, Lyubov Tolkalina. Later Konchalovskaya noted that the wedding turned out to be “elven”, and she made her own white dress.

Lyubov Tolkalina and Yegor Konchalovsky with their daughter Maria

Tolkalina herself is not yet married, but in November last year she spoke about her lover. The actress showed a joint photo with the chosen one, with whom, as it turned out, she has been dating for four years. By the way, in October of the same year it became known that Lyubov Tolkalina was recognized as one of the 100 most attractive Russian women according to the popular men’s magazine. The actress has always had a slender figure and attractive appearance.

At 43, Lyubov continues to amaze the public with a beautiful body and even publishes candid photo sessions on her Instagram microblog. The artist has repeatedly admitted that she is not afraid to show her body, and also more than once talked about self-love and harmony with the inner world. In mid-October 2020, the artist raised this topic again in her account, explaining how she loves photos of her naked body and why she will not stop sharing them.

Tolkalina admitted that she devoted her whole life to body culture. Since childhood, she has been engaged in synchronized swimming in the unique water theater “Lotus”. She spent five hours in the pool almost every day. At the age of nine, young Lyubov has already played a major role in a water-tetral production. Tolkalina, at a young age, realized how important the process of relationships with her own body is. By the way, she even published a photo without underwear, and stated that she dreamed of swimming in all the rivers of the country naked, showing a video of the first such swim. However, according to the artist, despite her love for candid photos, bed scenes in the cinema are not easy for her. The artist in an exclusive video interview “Around TV” noted that she will always find something to complain about in her body, despite careful preparation for such shots.

Exclusive interview “Around TV”

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