Apr 9, 2021
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19-year-old daughter of Renata Litvinova was published with an extreme cleavage

15:32, 04/09/2021

In her original form, Ulyana attended the opening of the Khudozhestvenny cinema.

On the evening of April 8, a social event was held at the Khudozhestvenny cinema. The cinema opened with the Russian premiere of the drama “Father” Florian Zeller starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Coleman. The film is nominated for an Academy Award in six categories, including Best Picture.

The guests of the evening were many stars of Russian show business. Among them was the daughter of Renata Litvinova Ulyana. For the publication, she chose a blouse with an extreme neckline.

Ulyana Dobrovskaya, Fyodor Dyakonov, Olga Karput and Gosha Rubchinsky

It is worth noting that Renata Litvinova herself was present at the social event. However, her image turned out to be much more restrained than that of her daughter. So, the actress and director chose a green blouse, jacket and oversized sunglasses for the publication.

Alexander Mamut and Renata Litvinova

By the way, on February 6, the film by Renata Litvinova was released in Russia. “North wind“. Ulyana also appeared in the picture. Renata explained that her daughter’s candidacy for the role in the film was not chosen by chance. Students of theatrical universities were considered for the role of Fanny, but they all did not fit the director by type. According to Litvinova, they were all “hardened as hell,” and Renata saw a completely different image.

Renata said that her rich experience in the profession helps to immediately determine what kind of person is in front of her. According to her, this role was to be played by a brilliant actress who could show that she was completely innocent. At that time, Litvinova’s daughter was 17 years old. According to the actress, it was this period in the girl’s life that was needed. At the same time, the star emphasized that Ulyana never tried to follow in her footsteps. “Never in her life did she want to. We caught her in that period of innocence, when she was 17. This is such a “magical” period. In fact, this is a very small period. You grab it and it is no more, “Litvinova concluded in a conversation with Ivan Urgant as part of the program “Evening Urgant”.

Ulyana Dobrovskaya as Fanny in the film “North Wind”

By the way, for Dobrovskaya, work in the “North Wind” was not a debut. Previously, she starred in other directorial projects of the star mom. Litvinova’s daughter grew up in a creative environment and, as a child, got her first film role. At the age of eight, she played Nyusha in the comedy “Merry fellows“. Ulyana has repeatedly admitted that she admires her mother’s talent and would like to be like her.

Recall that Renata was married twice. The first spouse of the star was a film producer Alexander Antipov… The marriage was concluded when the actress was 17 years old. The couple were together for three years. Alexander became the initiator of the separation. Renata’s second husband was a businessman Leonid Dobrovsky, with whom the marriage was formalized in 2001. The couple were together for eight years. During this time, in 2001, they had a common daughter, Ulyana. The divorce of the spouses was extremely difficult with courts and conflicts. After the parents parted, Ulyana stayed with her mother.

Renata Litvinova with her daughter Ulyana at the premiere of the film “North Wind”

It is known that Renata Litvinova from childhood took care of her daughter’s upbringing and her education. At first, Dobrovskaya went to school at the French Embassy, ​​and then left to study abroad. For the convenience of her daughter and comfortable living abroad, Renata Litvinova bought an apartment in Paris in 2015.

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