Dec 28, 2020
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18-year-old son of Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan began to earn a living by tutoring Japanese

03:13, 28.12.

Arkhip Glushko posted an announcement on online classes on social networks.

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The only son of Natasha Koroleva and Sergei Glushko, better known to the general public as Tarzan, 18-year-old Arkhip continues to seek his calling. It is worth noting that this year the offspring of the star couple tried their hand at music. The singer’s son began his solo career by releasing the song “A Bottle of Wine” under the pseudonym Greek.

In early December, Glushko Jr. surprised the public with his new talent. As it turned out, the young man is engaged in pole dancing. Arkhip in his microblog on Instagram published a video from one of his classes. Not at all embarrassed, the young man climbed onto the pylon and showed several elements that he managed to master. At the same time, he periodically looked into the cheat sheet, on which a list of what he needed to demonstrate was compiled. “Compared to my previous sports (basketball and boxing), this is the most unusual. I could not even imagine that someday I would be engaged in midday, “- said Arkhip (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. – Prim. line.).

On the eve it turned out that the son of Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan began to earn his own living on his own. 18-year-old Arkhip posted an announcement on his Instagram microblog about recruiting students for online Japanese classes. The guy noted that he could well teach the initial level of the language “All other information in Direct !!! Online Japanese lessons using effective teaching methods: from 0 to 5-3 levels. Student at the School of Oriental Studies at the Higher School of Economics. Certified by Nihongo Noreku Shiken. Individual approach to class planning. Work experience 1 year, ”a young Japanese language teacher announced his resume.

The son of Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan began to earn a living by tutoring the Japanese language

Recall that the father of the novice teacher Arkhip Glushko is a striptease star. 50-year-old Sergei Glushko is known under the stage name Tarzan. The man began his creative career after studying at the Military Engineering Institute, where he received the rank of lieutenant. After Sergei began to study as a businessman, but his Academy was closed. As a result, the man got into the modeling business, and then started working as a stripper. He took a sonorous pseudonym, grew his hair and became a favorite with the female audience. Tarzan continues his career today. Recently, a famous stripper found himself at the center of a scandal. It turned out that the married Tarzan had an affair with the actress Anastasia Shulzhenko.

As for the personal life of Arkhip Glushko, not everything is so beautiful in it. For some time, the son of Glushko and Koroleva met with a former participant in the Dom-2 project, Maria Slugina. The lovers spent a lot of time together and made plans for the future. Famous parents did not condemn the choice of their son. However, the couple broke up anyway. The main reason for the separation is the big age difference – Slugin is seven years older than Glushko. However, familiar couples also talk about the dark past of the former member of “House-2”.

Sources close to the lovers talked about the connections of the TV star with several men. Allegedly, Maria met with adults and wealthy fans behind Arkhip Glushko’s back. Arkhip Glushko could not forgive his beloved lie and began to look for a new passion for himself. According to rumors, the son of Natasha Koroleva and Sergei Glushko prefers girls older than himself. The novice singer wants to find his love on a dating site – they added, surrounded by Arkhip.

Natalya Koroleva be proud of her son, no matter what he does

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