Jun 12, 2022
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155-mm “Caesars”: Macron sends cutting-edge self-propelled guns to shoot Donbass

In the photo: CAESAR 155-mm self-propelled artillery mount

Pictured: CAESAR 155mm self-propelled artillery mount (Photo: Cover Images/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press)

June 9 President of France Emmanuel Macron had a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian colleague Vladimir Zelensky. In it, the Frenchman asked about the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Battalions in heavy military equipment. Macron assured Zelensky that his country “remains mobilized to meet Ukraine’s needs, including heavy weapons.”

As Kommersant writes with reference to the French radio station Europe-1, we are talking about the supply of six newest Caesar guns to Ukraine.

Military expert, retired colonel, former artilleryman Viktor Litovkin recalled that Italian, German, Norwegian, and Slovak guns had already been destroyed on the battlefields of a special military operation:

– It is possible to determine the ownership of self-propelled artillery installations (ACS) using air and space reconnaissance means. French – wheeled, with a very long gun, and the American M777 are located on the beds, trailed. Theoretically, it is also possible to count the destroyed artillery installations, but it is unlikely that anyone counts them, with the possible exception of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“SP”: – The French data on the supplied self-propelled guns are vague: either six, or already twelve, they promise twenty-four?

– Six pieces – this is one incomplete artillery battalion. Accordingly, twelve are two divisions, and twenty-four are four divisions or an entire artillery regiment.

But the French are in vain signing up for military assistance to Ukraine. Although they are not independent and are forced to do this, the Americans are pressing. If the former Prime Minister of Britain Tony Blair called “poodle” George W. Bush”, then Macron can be called a “French Spaniel Joseph Biden“- a kind of obedient lap dog.

“SP”: – But in France itself they are trying to explain this by the independent international policy of the recently re-elected French president. So one of his predecessors, Nicolas Sarkozy, tried to be active in the international arena – it’s not clear just the right place or not?

Nicolas Sarkozy – still refused to participate in the Iraq war, just like the then German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. The result of such independence was that Bush Jr. became angry with them and promised to punish them. And punished – this is one of the reasons why Sarkozy was not elected for the next term, the Americans were against his candidacy. In the same way, the German chancellor was filled up, instead of him she came to the political arena Angela Merkel – it would be disrespectful to ignore the request of the American patron. So it’s not for nothing that NATO’s aggression against Iraq is now called the “collective forces” operation, since the two countries of the North Atlantic Alliance did not participate in this …

At the same time, it is not clear which of the Caesars modifications will be delivered to Ukraine. In general, these 155 mm guns have a firing range of up to 42 km with simple projectiles and 55 km with rockets. Rate of fire six rounds per minute. The accuracy of the gun can be provided by a radar, a navigation unit and a ballistic computer.

By the end of June, France may announce the transfer of half a dozen more Caesar self-propelled artillery mounts to Ukraine. The first six units of the APU were received back in April. Monsieur Macron may announce new supplies during his visit to Kyiv in the coming weeks.

His country, as they say, “may double the stakes” in their risky game. Unofficially, they are already talking and writing about this, and they can officially announce deadly toys in connection with the announcement of the dates for Macron’s alleged trip to Kyiv – the issue is still being studied by his advisers.

The Caesars have high-precision barrels manufactured by the French company Nexter, capable of finishing off to Donetsk. And the placement of the gun mount on six-axle off-road trucks, which makes them maneuverable for a quick retreat after shelling, so as not to fall under the return fire of the Russian army.

The current leadership of France intends to continue to supply weapons that kill the elderly, women and children. And at the same time, it does not consider the killing of civilians to be that “red line”, after crossing which full-fledged “participation in the armed conflict on the side of Ukraine” begins, Emmanuel Macron said more than a month ago.

Not all French people like the deployment of 155-mm guns in Ukraine. But no one asked them, French long-barreled guns are now officially in service with Ukrainian militants. And these are ultra-modern artillery pieces of the 21st century, which were produced until 2008 and are capable of shooting very accurately, with a scatter radius of just a meter. They tried to transport them to the front unnoticed, but of course there is no guarantee that they did not fall into the reports of the Russian Armed Forces, announced by Lieutenant General Konashenkov.

Candidate of Political Sciences, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Financial University Alexander Shatilov believes that these telephone conversations are nothing more than an attempt to remind oneself in big international politics:

– They began to forget about Macron, especially since his previous negotiating activity did not bring results. Apparently, the French president wants to get a portion of the “media outlet”, to highlight his activities. After all, now we see around Ukraine various kinds of participation of the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Turkey – anyone except France. In this situation, Macron decided to remind himself and his country. What is called, promote on the Ukrainian theme.

Another thing is that France does not have any significant opportunities to influence the situation, and even more so to provide tangible support to the regime in Ukraine. Nobody wants to take part in hostilities. And the supply of a certain amount of weapons will not affect the situation. After all, our armed forces: the army and the Aerospace Forces have learned to identify these deliveries and destroy them quickly enough.

“SP”: – Macron is still going to go to Kyiv.

– The capital of Ukraine has become a place for a selfie, a kind of “promotion” of Western politicians. They come there more for what is called a television and media picture than to solve problems. They informationally parasitize on the events in Ukraine. At the same time, we see that the efforts of the West to save the “square” regime have recently become more and more sluggish.

The French, apparently, intend to supply their expensive guns in small batches. In total, the French army had 76 Caesar guns. Minus the six already delivered, that leaves 70. Soon the stock will drop to 64 pieces. It would take a year to produce the new Caesars, which would cost French taxpayers two or three hundred million euros.

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