May 10, 2022
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15,000 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ended up in the Severodonetsk cauldron

15,000 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ended up in the Severodonetsk cauldron

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS

May 7 on your Facebook page* Sergei GaidaiKyiv chairman of the Luhansk region, was forced to admit: “The situation is very difficult … Now the enemy is throwing the greatest effort into making a breakthrough in Popasna and in the direction of Severodonetsk – Voevodovka … It is here that most shelling is carried out, rocket arrivals, air strikes are constantly going on. The situation is quite dire…”

If you look at the map of hostilities (especially note, which is published by the Ukrainian side), you can see that the main roads to the Severodonetsk agglomeration have actually been cut by Russian troops.

The Ambassador of the Luhansk People’s Republic in Russia also reported on the heavy battles for Voevodovka Rodion Miroshnik. In his Telegram channel, he wrote: “In Voevodovka, there was an attempt by Ukrainian militants to counteroffensive, which ended in failure. Leaving many “two hundredths” on the battlefield, the warriors rolled back to their positions. In fact, all the militants who were delayed in Voevodovka are blocked, they have a choice – either try to break out with heavy losses, or surrender and stay alive.

The fact is that the R-66 highway passes through this settlement, which is of paramount importance for supplying the APU grouping. There is also a local road T-13-02, but it has only been partially repaired and is in extremely poor condition in many sections. It is definitely not intended for the transportation of large volumes of goods.

As they say, a special thank you to Sergei Gaidai, a student of the Luhansk region, must say to himself. According to rumors in Zhovto-Blakit social networks, it was his pocket firm that laundered government money here last year.

“Zhelezka”, going from the north to Lisichansk, is under the control of our units in the settlement. Yampol, which the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine admitted. The southern railroad passing through Popasnaya is also cut off by units of the RF Armed Forces, in any case, it is being shot through by direct fire (as of May 7).

In general, the breakthrough in the Popasna area marks the collapse of the Ukrainian defense of the entire northern face of the Donbas arc, which is called the Ukrainian line by the number and depth of the Zhovto-Blakit fortified areas. Mannerheim. And this means that our troops will be able to bypass it in the Severodonetsk sector and develop an offensive not only on Bakhmut, but also on the Dnieper.

As the main current success of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, according to Western experts, one can safely name the encirclement of the Severodonetsk garrison of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The fact is that Severodonetsk is separated from Lisichansk by the Seversky Donets River, which Ukrainian soldiers cannot cross under Russian artillery fire.

“The capture of Severodonetsk will be a big win for the Russian army, which has refocused its efforts on capturing the entire eastern Donbas,” writes Agence France-Presse, citing the head of the Severodonetsk military administration. Alexandra Stryukapart-time employee of the SBU. He bluntly said that “the city is almost surrounded by Russians and fighters of the Luhansk People’s Republic”

What is curious: Stryuk called the Luhansk region the Luhansk People’s Republic, although earlier it always sounded “separatists”. It seems that something is falling into place in the minds of the beneficiaries of the Maidan. According to him, 15,000 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are blocked in Severodonetsk, and from among the personnel, the most valuable for the Ukrainian army.

If the information is confirmed, this will become the largest cauldron in the current special operation. Of course, as the example of Mariupol shows, the “Ze-team” will not officially allow the blocked units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to surrender.

There is no doubt that the Kremlin will not risk our soldiers once again. Covering the defenses of the independence will be systematic artillery strikes on the guidance of drones. Their fate, according to Ukrainian truth-tellers, is sad.

By the way, on Ukrnet you can find hundreds of posts where they discuss the new tactics of the Russian troops. Most often they write the following:

“Our people rejoice that Ukrainian soldiers do not surrender in “cauldrons”. Allegedly, the Russians cannot break the “heroic resistance”. In fact, the Russian General Staff clearly calculated everything. Now the encircled people will be praying through social networks to Kyiv for salvation, at the same time dispersing a wave of indignation among relatives and friends, as was the case with the 93rd separate brigade. Just the very thing that the Russians are waiting for, because the losses of the fighters going to break through under aimed artillery fire and air raids are simply gigantic. Just those who are supposed to defend the cities are sent into battle. This is a pure tactic of luring people out of fortified areas.”

“At Zelensky no options. If he does not try to save our guys in Severodonetsk or somewhere else, he will be “torn” in social networks, which is politically very dangerous. If he goes to de-blockade, he will put in many times more than he saves, if he saves at all.

More and more Ukrainian bloggers admit that this practice leads to the leaching of personnel from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, while experienced fighters of the RF Armed Forces can easily cope with cannon fodder even in large cities. Like, look how they defended Kherson, and how Mariupol. Few people know that in the first case, a “rather big” territorial defense was thrown into battle, comparable in number to the Azov regiment *. The result is obvious: yellowmouths with Kalash did not last even one day.

Of course, the comparison is not entirely correct. In Mariupol, according to various estimates, at the beginning of the special operation, the number of defenders of independence, including the 36th brigade of the marines and the 12th brigade of the National Guard, ranged from 14 to 17 thousand people. But in general, the logic is understandable, especially since the heavy losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which the Zhovto-Blakit truth-tellers write about, really undermine morale and hit Zelensky’s authority.

Now insiders who enter the Office of the President (OP) of Ukraine report that the “Ze-team”, together with the General Staff, “are trying in every possible way to stop the crisis case with the search for missing soldiers.”

At least about a hundred thousand Ukrainian families said they did not know anything about the fate of their relative, who was drafted into the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They have subscribed to Russian Telegram channels and watch videos of our bloggers on YouTube in search of at least some information. As a result, many eyes are opened to what is happening. Zelensky is now presented to them not as the No. 1 defender of independence, but as an agent of the British government and a conductor of Western policy, even if it hits the national interests.

According to information from Ukrnet, Ze-team is aware of this “zrada” and is preparing a barbaric law, according to which any independent attempt to find out about the fate of a military relative is fraught with criminal prosecution.

The chats write that “unauthorized, according to the Kyiv regime, access will include correspondence with colleagues and direct appeal to direct commanders.” The Jesuits from the OP explain the draconian measures as a fight against “intelligence in favor of the enemy and shattering the situation inside the country.”

Very soon, information about the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who do not get in touch will be available only at the military registration and enlistment office upon special request. True, you have to wait at least 90 days. Such an inhuman treatment of fathers, mothers, wives of soldiers was not in any army in the world. Yes, they hid the losses, yes, they covered themselves with replies, yes, they promised to look again, in the end, they just kept silent, but to put a missing soldier in jail for writing to colleagues of a missing soldier … this is already too much.

Meanwhile, there will be other encirclements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine behind the Severodonetsk cauldron. And, as history will show, all these sacrifices will be in vain.

*Meta Platforms Inc. — the American transnational holding company that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus was recognized by a court decision as an extremist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited. Social networks Facebook and Instagram are blocked by Roskomnadzor.

** Images of chevrons of the battalion (regiment) “Azov” are recognized in Russia as an extremist court decision from 30.11.2015 and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials (p. 3269).

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