Aug 7, 2022
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15 most interesting facts about the Teutonic Order

Interesting facts about the Teutonic Order will help you to better understand the structure and activities of this organization. The Teutons are still often mentioned in the press and on television. But what mark did they manage to leave in history? We will tell you about these and other curious facts right now.

So, before you, the most interesting facts about the Teutonic Order.


15 most interesting facts about the Teutonic Order

  1. The Teutonic Order is a German spiritual and knightly order, created in 1190.
  2. The Teutons were also listed under the names – the German Order and the German Order.
  3. Many associate the Knights of the Order with the Battle of the Ice, during which the army of Alexander Nevsky defeated the crusaders. In fact, the opponents of the Russian troops were mainly the knights of the Livonian, and not the Teutonic Order. It’s just that then the Livonian Order was something like a “branch” of the Teutonic Order, but only in the Baltic states.
  4. The Teutons wore a white robe with a black cross depicted on it.
  5. An interesting fact is that in the past the Teutonic Order was divided into 4 classes: knights, squires, clergy and half-brothers (business executives).

  6. Only those members of the Teutonic Order who could prove their belonging to some ancient noble family could claim the title of knight.
  7. At the turn of the 12th-13th centuries, the Teutons had enormous power and influence. They owned all of Prussia and Livonia, and also absorbed the remnants of the military brotherhood of the knights of the sword.
  8. Do you know that in the aggressive campaign against Gdansk (1308), under the slogan “Jesus Christ the Savior of the World”, the Teutons destroyed almost the entire Polish population – about 10,000 Christians?
  9. By the end of the 13th century, the Teutonic Order, in fact, became a state that continued the active expansion of territories to the East. By that time, the capital of the knights was the city of Marienburg.
  10. The motto of the Teutonic Order: “Help – Protect – Heal.”
  11. With the filing of the film director Sergei Eisenstein, who made the film “Alexander Nevsky”, the Teutons began to be portrayed in helmets with horns and huge swords. In fact, the Teutons did not wear such helmets, and their weapons were very diverse.
  12. The internal structure of the Teutonic Order was extremely strict. For example, the knights were required to wear beards, the squires had to shave them off, and the clergy had to have a monastic appearance.
  13. After its foundation, the Teutonic Order continuously existed for more than 8 centuries. Then its activities were repeatedly suspended, including during the Second World War (1939-1945), when the Nazis nationalized the property of the Order.
  14. In 1813, the Order of the Iron Cross was established in Prussia, which outwardly looked like the symbol of the Teutons.
  15. Today, the Teutonic Order is engaged only in peaceful activities. It includes many women who serve as sisters of mercy in various medical institutions.

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