Aug 7, 2022
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15 most interesting facts about the Incas

Interesting facts about the Incas will relate to the culture, life, occupations and achievements of this people. The Incas, who lived in South America, are known all over the world, because they managed to achieve great heights in various fields. Archaeologists are still actively exploring the territories where representatives of this empire lived.

So, before you the most interesting facts about the Incas.


15 most interesting facts about the Incas

  1. According to scientists, by 1527 the area of ​​the Inca Empire reached 2 million km², which is three times the territory of modern Ukraine.
  2. This civilization lasted for about 100 years until it was enslaved by the Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century. The last Inca emperor, Atahualpa, was sentenced to death on July 26, 1533.
  3. Did you know that the Incas knew the technology of building very long suspension bridges? To do this, they used twisted fibers from grass and alpaca wool. For example, the bridge leading to Machu Picchu reached a length of 76 m, with a width of only a few tens of centimeters.
  4. Surprisingly, for all their achievements, the Incas failed to reinvent the wheel. At least, scientists have not been able to find any evidence that they used the wheel.

  5. The Incas were so fond of potatoes that they grew over 3,000 different varieties of them!
  6. When the Spaniards took over the Inca Empire, they saw the potato for the first time. As a result, they brought it to Europe, after which it spread throughout the planet.
  7. The Incas achieved outstanding achievements in the field of agriculture, managing to build a system of terraces and irrigation to grow various crops. By means of stepped platforms equipped with the most complex drainage system, they managed to cultivate up to 1 million hectares of land.
  8. As in Ancient Egypt (see interesting facts about Ancient Egypt), the Incas worshiped the Sun – the deity Inti. In this regard, they built a large complex for the worship of Inti.
  9. An interesting fact is that the Incas had amazing astronomical knowledge. They closely followed the movement of the stars, which they used as a guide for planting and harvesting.
  10. The Incas had several observatories, including the Coricancha in Cusco, which was completely covered in gold.
  11. When difficult periods of life or famine came, the Incas resorted to human sacrifice. As a rule, teenagers became victims, while lying on the altar was considered a great honor.
  12. The Incas successfully used a sundial, observing the movement of the shadow during the daytime.
  13. The Incas did not have a written language – of all the civilizations of the Bronze Age, they were the only ones who did not have their own writing system.
  14. The Incas were great builders. They developed a unique construction method that did not require any mortar. Buildings in which some stones weigh over 100 tons have survived to this day.
  15. The stones were laid amazingly precisely, and the masonry itself was characterized by a “keystone” with many angles, to which all other blocks fit. It is curious that in Machu Picchu you can see a similar stone – with 32 corners.

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