Jan 27, 2021
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14-year-old daughter of Yulia Nachalova said that her mother dreamed of a loving man and son

09:55, 27.01.2021

Vera Aldonina gave her first interview after her mother’s death.

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Julia Nachalova passed away on March 16, 2019. The singer died in the Botkin hospital, where she was admitted on March 8. Then she was hospitalized from a rehearsal. The cause was a complication from gout and lupus, which she had been battling for eight years. The artist also began to have gangrene of the leg, which developed after an injury and self-treatment at home. On March 13, it became known that the singer was introduced into an artificial coma, from which she no longer came out. On January 31, the artist would have turned 40 years old.

Julia has a daughter, Vera, who was born in 2006 in the artist’s second marriage to football player Yevgeny Aldonin. The girl learned about the death of her mother later than everyone else. According to Vera, she saw her mother alive for the last time on March 7. Then the girl had a concert at school, but Julia could not attend it: her leg hurt badly. When the singer was admitted to the hospital, her daughter was with classmates abroad. Until the last moment, the teachers did not reveal to her the truth about her mother. The father told Vera about the death of a loved one when he met Vera at the airport in Moscow.

Vera and Evgeny Aldonin

The girl still cannot recover from the tragedy. Vera gave an interview for the first time after her mother’s death. Nachalova’s daughter could hardly hold back her tears, restoring the chronology of those days. “When the funeral took place, I was in great pain. But I didn’t cry, I tried to hold on, ”Vera said. According to relatives of the Nachalova family, her daughter still buys gifts for her mother on trips, which she later leaves at the grave.

Vera said that her mother had a wish card, which she regularly replenished. There was also a place for her personal life. “She wrote there that she had a big house, a nice car. She wanted more concerts, so that there was a loving man, she wanted her son, “the girl said in an interview for the Dok-Tok show on Channel One.

Vera Aldonina

Note that on January 19 of this year, information appeared that Yulia Nachalova had a son after her death. Her last beloved was judge Vyacheslav Kudrya. He did not rule out that in the future he would marry the singer. The couple were planning children and wanted to resort to the IVF procedure, as Nachalova had health problems. When information appeared about the birth of Julia’s son after her death, it was noted that the conception specialists used the biomaterial of the star, which was frozen during her lifetime. However, Kudrya himself did not confirm the information that the boy is the son of Julia. “I don’t know what the media is writing, unfortunately. I have a lot of work that I am busy with, ”Vyacheslav snapped in a conversation with the journalists of the program“ You Won’t Believe It! ”.

Vyacheslav Kudrya and Julia Nachalova

We add that after the information about the birth of the boy, various rumors began to appear. So, a friend of Nachalova said that the artist’s PR director could become the boy’s surrogate mother, Anna Isaeva… The spokeswoman for the star did not comment on this. However, later, other acquaintances of Yulia said that the PR woman was growing up her children, so rumors that she allegedly endured the boy do not correspond to reality. By the way, a close friend of the artist, Alexander Panayotov, also does not believe in the appearance of Julia’s son and urged the public to follow his example.

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