Aug 7, 2022
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14 interesting facts about the Templars

Interesting facts about the Templars will cover a variety of areas of their activity. They have been written about in many books, and also mentioned in a number of feature films and documentaries. Today, people often do not fully understand what the Templars really are and what their mission was.

So, before you the most interesting facts about the Templars.


14 interesting facts about the Templars

  1. The Templars are a spiritual and knightly order founded in the Holy Land in 1119 by a small group of knights, led by Hugh de Paynes, after the First Crusade (1096-1099).
  2. During its heyday, the Knights Templar numbered about 20,000 people. Most of its members were warriors, subordinate to the Supreme Master, who made the most important decisions.
  3. The Templars wore a white tunic with a red cross, which distinguished them from members of other Orders. It is curious that the white color of the robe symbolized the purity of the warrior, and the red cross – the readiness to die honorably on the battlefield.
  4. In the 12th-13th centuries, the Order was fabulously rich, owning vast territories in various states. He was patronized by the Pope, to whom the Templars were directly subordinate.

  5. An interesting fact is that in translation from French, the word “templiers” literally means – “templars”.
  6. The Templars were often the main defenders of various states formed by the crusaders in the East. At the same time, the primary purpose indicated during its formation was the protection of pilgrims heading to the Holy Land.
  7. To secure the path of the pilgrims, the knights built many castles, fortifications and other structures in Europe. Some of them still stand in their places.
  8. Did you know that the Knights Templar is the second most founded (about 20 years after the Hospitallers) of all religious-military orders?
  9. Joining the Templars was not easy. Those who wished needed to earn the attention and trust of one of the leaders of the Templars. At the same time, a person had to strictly comply with all the rules and regulations of the Order.
  10. In 1291, the Muslims expelled the crusaders from Palestine, as a result of which the Templars engaged in financial services and trade. They were able to amass a huge fortune, which was the reason for their complex property relations with the monarchs and the Pope.
  11. The Templars were supposed to take a vow of celibacy, and also not to have any relationship with women.
  12. Dying, many Templars unsubscribed all their property to the Order, therefore, before the collapse, the Order owned fabulous wealth.
  13. In the period 1307-1314. Templars began to be imprisoned, tortured and executed on the orders of the French monarch Philip IV and influential farmers of the Catholic Church. As a result, in 1312 the Order was abolished by the decision of Pope Clement V.
  14. Philip IV took this step because he did not want to return large debts to the Templars. It was much easier for him to get rid of the Templars by accusing them of blasphemy.

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