Jan 3, 2022
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12 signals from our body about internal emotional problems

12 signals from our body about internal emotional problems

Our body is a complex mechanism that sensitively reacts not only to external, but also to internal factors.

Our body is a complex mechanism that sensitively reacts not only to external, but also to internal factors. Dr. Susan Babbel, a psychologist specializing in depression, has an interesting theory about our body’s signals.

Here are pictorial pictures illustrating the doctor’s theory, and simple recommendations for getting rid of psychological problems.

Babbel believes that discomfort and pain can be signals of inner experiences – secret fears, unresolved issues. Chronic pain is a symptom of stress and emotional problems, especially when everything is fine with physiology and there are no visible causes of pain.


Any headaches come from excessive exertion. This can be anxiety about the result, frequent worries about minor trifles, constant haste.

Exit: Leave time for yourself every day. Allow yourself to relax and not worry about business for a while. Rest and don’t beat yourself up about it. These “downtime” minutes will only increase your productivity. And the head will not hurt.


Discomfort in the neck area symbolizes the burden of resentment towards others, the burden of annoyance at one’s own imperfection. Neck hurts when we cannot forgive someone or ourselves.

Exit: Reconsider your attitude towards yourself and others. More often than not, people don’t want to offend you. You don’t have to live up to your own strict expectations. Take the world easier and learn to forgive. It’s also important to think about the things you love more often.


A pain in the shoulders indicates that we are carrying a heavy emotional load, we are under great emotional pressure. Perhaps someone in our environment is putting pressure on us. Or we cannot make an important decision, and it weighs heavily on our shoulders.

Solution: Try sharing your concerns with a close friend. You will feel relieved. Even if you just talk it out, it will already help you not to carry this weight alone. Or maybe he will open his eyes to a simple solution to the problem.

Upper back

Pain in this area indicates a lack of emotional support, a lack of loved ones around. When we subconsciously feel unloved or underestimated.

Exit: Communicate more with different people. Don’t get hung up on yourself, be open and friendly. Meet, go on a date. And most importantly, do not suppress feelings of attachment in yourself.

Lower back

If we are constantly worried about money, our lower back may ache. Perhaps his own secret envy of a rich life does not give rest in any way, or loved ones constantly make you worry about money.

Exit: Money is not happiness – no matter how trite it sounds, but it is so. So stop worrying – the best things in life are free! And do what you love. The business in which the soul is invested will bring not only pleasure, but also tangible dividends in the future.


Elbow pain indicates a lack of flexibility, too stubborn unwillingness to compromise. Most likely, we resist some important changes in life. Or we are subconsciously afraid to accept something new.

Exit: Life can sometimes seem too difficult and tough. It only seems to be. Perhaps you are just complicating things. Be flexible – don’t waste energy fighting what you can’t control.


Hands hurt those who long and badly need friendship. Those who lack relaxation and simple companionship with other people. If your hands are aching, this is a signal that it is time to get out of your closed world.

Exit: Try to make new friends. Have lunch with a colleague. Go to the stadium, to the concert – feel like part of the crowd. Feel free to enter into conversations with new people, because you can’t guess in advance where you can meet real friendship.


Such pains can torment people who cling too much to the predictability of life and comfort. Pathological fear of change, unwillingness to change the established order of things, constant resistance to new things can provoke pain in the hips.

Solution: Don’t resist the natural flow of life. Life is mobile, changeable, and therefore interesting. Think of change as an exciting adventure. And do not postpone important decisions for later.


Knee pain is most likely a sign of a bloated self. Knees hurt when we think too much about ourselves and too little about others, when we firmly and uncompromisingly believe that the world revolves around us.

Exit: Look around – you are not alone on the planet. Be considerate of others. Listen to your friend, help your mom, replace your colleague. Help people often. You can do volunteer activities.


Pain in this area is a sign of severe emotional overload. A sense of possessiveness, love experiences, excruciating, blinding jealousy.

Exit: You need to learn to trust your soul mate. Relax and stop controlling your loved one, do not screw yourself up. And, perhaps, the time has come to give up old, obsolete attachments.


Ankle pain means that we often forget about ourselves. And we deny ourselves the pleasure. Maybe work takes up all of our time or we are too light on our desires, constantly relegating them to the background.

Exit: It’s time to start pampering yourself. Buy yourself what you want, let yourself sleep, try that expensive treat. Forget about your career for a while and think about romantic relationships, for example. Or plan your dream trip.


The cause of the pain in the feet is probably deep apathy. As if our body refuses to go further, as if we are afraid of life and do not see the point in moving forward. When we subconsciously think that everything is bad and life has failed, our feet hurt.

Exit: Learn to pay attention to the little joys in life. The beauty of the surrounding world and people. Enjoy the flavors, smells, wind and sun. Get a fluffy pet or find an interesting hobby. Fill your life. Avoid sad memories and smile more often. Look for joy in life every day.


The conclusion is simple: love yourself, forgive yourself. Be more attentive to others and try not to hold evil and resentment towards people. Communicate, smile (it suits you very much) and be healthy!

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