Dec 31, 2020
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12 Easy Steps to Growing Avocados: An Interesting Hobby Idea

12 Easy Steps to Growing Avocados: An Interesting Hobby Idea

The next time you buy an avocado for some exotic dish, don’t rush to throw away the pit. You can plant it and soon you will have an unpretentious houseplant.

Learn how to plant an avocado correctly with this simple 12-step guide. Why not give it a try? It’s so simple and interesting!

How to grow an avocado

  1. Cut open the avocado so as not to damage the pit, and carefully remove it.
  2. Wash the pit lightly in warm water without using soap.
  3. Insert 4 toothpicks into it, approximately 5 mm deep. The distance should be the same as in the photo.
  4. Fill a glass beaker with water.
  5. Put the bone in a glass. The toothpicks will keep her half submerged in the water.
  6. Place the glass in a well-lit place. Remember to change the water every 2 days.
  7. Now wait.
  8. After a couple of weeks, the taproot will begin to appear.
  9. Get out the toothpicks.
  10. Plant the sprouted seed in loose soil when the roots are 3 centimeters long.
  11. Remember to water every 3 days in hot weather, less often in cold weather.
  12. If the temperature in winter does not drop below 10 degrees Celsius in the area where you live, you can transplant the plant outside.

If you follow all the tips correctly, then growing avocados at home will not be difficult for you.

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