Jan 27, 2021
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"10,000 euros each" – 2: How clever uncles drove stupid children to riot police

Already last year, when it became clear that Navalny, having played at the very least his role as a “Berlin patient”, was of no use to anyone in Germany and in the West in general and he would have to return to Russia, preparations began for performances.

Moreover, when it became known that the Federal Penitentiary Service would certainly bring him claims for violating the conditional sentence for a criminal offense, it was obvious to everyone who followed the story a little that Navalny would have to answer for the misconduct. Well, the law is this: it is necessary for the “conditionals” to be noted, but the blogger, who has already received a relief in the form of leaving “for treatment” abroad, has thoroughly “scored” this circumstance. And even though you are a million times oppositionist, truth-teller, innocent victim or anyone else, you won’t be able to move out. The only question was whether the arrest would take place (and for how long) or not.

So, the probability of detention was estimated at 99.99 percent. As, incidentally, the corresponding reaction in Europe and the United States: everything is read here, and the battle for Nord Stream 2, and the battle for the market for anticoid vaccines. A sort of test of the Kremlin’s strength – but how will Putin give the command to turn on the “back”? The arrest at the airport and the ensuing trial that sent the former Charite patient into custody turned out to be only a trigger.

“You guys go forward – for freedom. And we’ll pull ourselves up later …”

The first volley is already tested both in Minsk and in other places, incitement to “spontaneous protest actions.” In essence, the organization of riots, unauthorized rallies and processions. Almost everyone who got into the “Rating of Russophobes” compiled by Constantinople and those of a lesser caliber noted these appeals. Almost no one came to rebel. Navalny’s assistant Leonid Volkov called from Berlin, Chichvarkin from distant beaches, Khodorkovsky from Great Britain.

Gozman, who announced before the rally the collection of money “for lawyers” for future detainees, “jumped” the day before, warning that he “would not be able to come.” Nobody saw musicians, bloggers who made appeals, and other such audience either.

Some of the leaders were successfully detained before the start of the performances. And they secured themselves. This happened with Navalny’s wife, Yulia, from whom they probably want to mold a new “opposition leader”, following the example of Tikhanovskaya, and Lyubov Sobol.

But on social networks in almost all large cities, where the fees were planned, advertisements were distributed with offers to “go out and support” for 500 rubles per phone.

And now the fakes! “Even the Liverpool player is drowning for Navalny!”

Another point, also familiar, is an attempt to discredit law enforcement agencies in advance under the sauce “don’t be afraid, the police are on the side of the people.”

In TikTok, videos similar to each other began to appear with pseudo-policemen, demonstratively filming shoulder straps, waving work books – like they quit, not wanting to “serve the bloody regime.”

The guys underestimated the capabilities of those whom they decided to set up. Many were very, very quickly figured out and exposed, some even, “repented”, came up with refutations.

Some for the sake of hype went on a crime – for example, a resident of the Arkhangelsk region Yana B., a blogger housewife: in order to record a “revealing video”, she … stole a uniform from a police officer, whose children she looked after as a nanny.

Apparently, real provocations were planned with the participation of fake security officials who were going “to the side of the protesters” – in St. Petersburg they managed to prevent this. The outfit of the Russian Guard picked up a “colleague” in police uniform, who was heading for such an action. It turned out – a repeat offender Alexey Gordienko. Seeing the patrol, this poor fellow, repeatedly convicted, rushed away like a hare. But he was caught.

However, even during the actions on the Web, vague pictures of employees in uniform appeared against the background of civilians – with the signatures “police with the people.”

A separate topic is stuffing aimed at underage and illiterate tiktokers, who consider Navalny either an “honest deputy” or “a former governor who was fired by Putin”)

The stuffing is also standard. Here is the streamer Vitaly Tsal: his photo with a bandage on his face and the caption “They beat him to death at the action” was actively posted by everyone and everything. “The victim of the atrocities of the security forces” was hardly enough for a heart attack when they began to send him condolences: he had no idea about it. Just, to my misfortune, I put my own picture after the operation (six months ago) on the nasal septum on my page on the social network, and someone considered it to be appropriate for the desired image.

Another fake is about the terrible beating of a protester in Novosibirsk. There is a photo: the police bent over the body of a man in the street. It turned out that they did not kill, but, on the contrary, saved a man who had an epileptic seizure.

On Monday, a duck swept through the media about the arrest of … ex-Liverpool player Daniel Agger. Imagine? The former football player of one of the most famous clubs in the world was sent to jail by the Moscow cops for his support of Navalny!

Past again. The detainee was a native of the Orenburg region, who ten years ago changed his name and surname in honor of his beloved athlete. And the duck was launched by the mundep of the Moscow Left-Bank District (from Yabloko) Viktor Grekhov.

As a result, even the real Daniel Agger had to give a refutation:

“There is a little confusion. Now we know for sure that I am not the only Agger. That Daniel Agger, mentioned in the incident in Moscow, is not me. I am safe and sound in Spain.”

Brutalized thugs, tear gas and arrogant forays

Why all this was done is easy to explain: since Saturday, the topic of unauthorized speeches has turned into hits of foreign publications “The cruelty of the security forces during the dispersal of rallies”, “Hundreds of people detained at protest rallies”, “Rough dispersal of demonstrations for Navalny” – Bild, Times, New York Times , CNN, Figaro, La Stampa and others.

This is correct, all of this was originally intended for the “foreign consumer”.

On the other hand, here is the report of the “Berlin patient” to the Western curators: it was not in vain that energy and money were spent on forming opposition to President Putin.

Of course, no one showed the lawlessness with the beating of police officers by radicals in the West.

As well as the bare ass, which one of the “navalniks” put on public display, having climbed the monument to the Kuban Cossacks in Krasnodar.

Exactly what for in “developed countries” you can get either a rubber bullet, or a good portion of blows with truncheons, followed by arrest.

Examples of real crimes at protest rallies are not isolated, they are numerous.

Like, say, in Vladivostok, where one zealous lad rushes at a policeman from behind, beats him, grabs him by the neck, trying to dump him, and hammers with his fists and legs (he is now detained). Or in St. Petersburg, a frostbitten IT specialist (!), Trying to prevent the blocking of the street, attacked the traffic police inspector – hit him in the face, and then, of course, ran to hide in the crowd. Detained, trying to apologize.

In Krasnoyarsk, tear gas was sprayed on officers standing in a cordon.

In Moscow, it was the same – thugs (there are shots of how some of them arrive at the gathering place: wearing balaclavas and special gloves with reinforced knuckles like brass knuckles) jumped on police officers, sprayed gas, threw flares and bottles.

A special FSB car was smashed near Nikulin’s circus – the driver had an eye injury.

Were all these spontaneous manifestations of aggression? No matter how it is!

They went against the law enforcement officers in a formation, in the so-called coupling, sometimes – having previously launched minor schoolchildren in front of them as a defense, rushed competently – together.

At the right moment, they parted, leading the “activists” – the most physically prepared, familiar with martial arts: they provoked, beat, and immediately, as soon as they began to twist, they were covered and dragged back.

“You contact us. And we will resolve the issue with the authorities.”

In total, the TFR, according to Tsargrad, opened eight criminal cases in the capital, seven of them for hooliganism. One such episode took place on Pushkin Square. There are several videos from different angles in which a young, athletic-looking guy jumps on riot police like an MMA fighter in the ring. This is a 20-year-old native of Chechnya, a student at Moscow State University, Said-Muhammad Dzhumaev.

His family reported that the guy had never actually taken part in rallies before, but that day someone hit him on the head – that his mind got confused, he went to wave his arms and legs.

Soon Dzhumaev was approached via Instagram by State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov, who said that “devils are walking at rallies in Moscow supporting same-sex marriages.”

You have committed a crime because people like Navalny are not suitable for us. … They say you’re a good guy. But if you support their views, then come on, go to the end with them, we will know what to do with you. But if you do not have such views, then Ramzan (Kadyrov, the head of Chechnya) said that he would help with the authorities. You contact us, we have not been able to find you since yesterday: if you contact us, we will resolve the issue with the authorities,

Delimkhanov assured.

The phrase “we will resolve the issue with the authorities” sounded very intriguing. I wonder how? Will he simply be chided – after the traditional apologies in such incidents (involving young Chechens)?

The deputy’s assistant, however, has already given explanations – that she meant legal assistance, no more …

Dzhumaev has not yet appreciated, it seems, the advice of his elders. At least there is no information that he confessed. It seems that he contacted his parents and explained the motives of his act (“he happened to be at the scene of events”).

Of course, Constantinople will follow the adventures of the Chechen youth – more precisely, so that he does not evade responsibility.

But it is not only about Dzhumaev. All protesters are confident that they will remain unpunished. The old promise of their leader – 10 thousand euros for each detainee – continues to ring in their hearts. The fact that the last time nobody was paid anything – go to the European Court – has been forgotten. They are confident that they are invulnerable and confident that the protests will continue. Until their complete victory.

The task of the state is very simple. Disappoint them twice. There will be no impunity for you, no victory, guys.

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