May 10, 2022
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100 Ukrainian suicide bombers were thrown on Serpentine

100 Ukrainian suicide bombers were thrown on Serpentine

Photo: AP/TASS

The Russian Armed Forces destroyed a project 1241 corvette of the naval forces (Navy) of Ukraine near Odessa, as well as two Ukrainian Su-24 bombers and one Mi-24 helicopter over Snake Island. This was announced by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov May 8

A day earlier, the Armed Forces of Ukraine made an attempt to capture Serpentine. The Ukrainian side used landing helicopters and the Stanislav landing assault boat, but our anti-aircraft gunners shot down a Ukrainian Su-24 bomber, a Su-27 fighter and three Mi-8 helicopters, as well as two Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drones in the air over the island. This is also stated in Konashenkov’s message.

As for official Ukrainian sources, the morning summary of the General Staff of Banderstadt for May 8 does not mention anything at all about the hostilities on Snake Island. The briefing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not contain anything about the destruction of the Russian ship “Serna”, which was announced on May 7 by the press service of the Zhovto-Blakyt fleet.

On the evening of May 8, in the news release of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the situation on Zmeinoye, there was silence again, although the speaker of the head of the Odessa Regional Military Administration Sergey Bratchuk spoke about the “marine Chernobaevka” – imitating Arestovich, the chief media officer Zelenskyauthor of numerous tales of endless peremoga.

Insiders inside the Office of the President (OP) of Ukraine reported that there was an urgent request from the Western “allies” to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “to create a big victory in the information field before May 9.” The fact is that against the background of the fall of Mariupol, the Izyum cauldron, as well as the loss of the key fortified area – Popasna, a strong decline in Zelensky’s rating is expected, and to prevent this from happening, the political scientists of the Kyiv regime demanded to create a counterbalance.

The news about the alleged Kharkiv offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is now being promoted in the media space of the “Square”, did not give the desired effect. Everyone understands that Ukrainian troops are advancing in the gray zone. But the capture of Serpentine was considered as the most important victory, which would open the sea transit of goods from Romania to Odessa.

“That is why there was a desperate attempt to storm Fr. Serpentine, but since the results are not reported by the General Staff (Ukraine), we can conclude that the attack failed, ”they write in Zhovto-Blakyt social networks.

And in fact, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine would not have played silent if it had captured the Serpent. Some details nevertheless leaked first to Ukrnet, and then to RuNet. Local bloggers, in particular, noted that Bayraktar TB2, at the time of the unsuccessful landing on the island with an Mi-8 of unknown nationality, was observing, and not attacking, which would be logical if it were a Russian car.

The drone recorded the defeat of the turntable when the paratroopers went down the rope, and almost immediately after the bombing of the Ukrainian Su-27s. Again, there is a discrepancy, because according to the statements of a number of Zhovto-Blakit politicians, “the Russians left the island after the sinking of two Raptor armored boats.”

Of course, the Ukrainian truth-tellers drew their own conclusions, which are disappointing for Zelensky’s office.

“Zelensky, where is the yellow-blaky ensign (flag on the move) over Serpentine? Facts in the studio.

“Yeah, at the very time when our (Ukrainian – ed.)“ dryers ”were bombed along Zmeiny, the Russians decided to land, not at all afraid of enemy fighters flying side by side. As they say in Odessa, do not tell my slippers. No one escaped from the island, as the storyteller said Arestovich. The Russians were just waiting for the “guests”, and “met” them as expected – with fire to kill.

“Three Mi-8s and a boat with a landing party were allowed to approach the island, after which the Russians struck. Arestovich, this is not Chernobaevka! Lyosha, this is Mariupol, that is, Zashkvar.

So, three Mi-8 transport helicopters, probably loaded to capacity by the Ukrainian landing force, were supposed to land 72 fighters, based on the passenger capacity of the helicopters. As for the assault boat “Stanislav” of project 58503 “Kentavr-LK”, according to its performance characteristics, it has a displacement of 53 tons, is controlled by a crew of 5 people and has a landing capacity of up to 36 people.

Total: more than 100 fighters took part in the attack on the island. I think they knew what they were getting into. Not for the sake of a red word in the chats of the “Nenka”, the unsuccessful landing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already been called a mental attack of suicide bombers.

It is important to add here that according to the data of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on May 8, there were more than 30 arrivals of Russian missiles at military facilities in the nearby Odessa region. According to the information that, despite the strict censorship of the Kyiv regime, penetrates the ukrnet, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine expects a large offensive by the Russian army in order to blockade Nikolaev and destroy the group of troops stationed in Odessa.

In fact, there is a total missile cleaning of warehouses, as well as the destruction of airfields, railway traction stations and air defense remnants. And, most importantly, in Odessa there are no well-trained fanatics like the Azov fighters *. Yes, there are enough Natsiks who came in large numbers from the Zapadenschina, but they were not fired upon and prepared in haste. All combat-ready troops are now dying in the Donbass, and even personnel units have been withdrawn from Kyiv for the Kharkov “overcome”.

According to the forecasts of Ukrainian experts, the offensive will not be fast, but by the end of summer it may end with a complete “cutting off the Black Sea coast from the independent one.” The role of the Snake in this defensive layout of the Banderstat is simply gigantic. If the Armed Forces of Ukraine had captured the island, then, there is no doubt, they would have stuffed it with Western air defense and anti-ship systems in order to create a Romania-Ukraine sea bridge.

* Images of chevrons of the battalion (regiment) “Azov” recognized in Russia as an extremist court decision from 30.11.2015 and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials (p. 3269).

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