Feb 21, 2021
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10 tricks to make luggage light and roomy

10 tricks to make luggage light and roomy

In the spring, you can safely start planning various trips. You can visit another country, or visit your relatives, for example, on Easter, or just go for a couple of days to the country. In any case, you need to take your things with you.

It is the fees that can spoil the whole mood: things do not fit in a suitcase, overweight, something spills or wrinkles. Also interesting is the fact that a third of the things from their luggage tourists do not use at all.

We will share with you a couple of tips for experienced tourists, how to pack a suitcase to make it easier not only for luggage, but for the whole trip.


As we already said, all people have a habit of taking unnecessary things on the road. Therefore, we advise you to pack your suitcase 2–3 days before the trip and review it the day before departure or departure. So you will already sensibly comprehend the volume of the things taken and remove the excess or remember those that you did not put. Haste is the main enemy of all fees.

Use paper to wrap your belongings

Place paper between layers of clothing or wrap each item in a piece of paper. So it will practically not wrinkle. You don’t have to take a travel iron or wear wrinkled clothes.

Roll things up

Another way to prevent wrinkles in your clothes is to roll each item into a roll. This is a well-known technique that can also be a great way to save space in your suitcase or travel bag.

Transport food in a grocery box

Use cardboard boxes of chips, biscuits or tea to transport fruits and vegetables. Pre-wrap them in a bag or paper. This way you save space in your suitcase, and most importantly, it is a reliable way to bring food in one piece and protect other things from juice stains.

Use the space inside your shoes

The voids inside the shoes can be used not only for transporting socks, but also for other things. For example, bracelets, wires, belts, bottles. And the socks themselves can be pulled over the heels so that they do not tear the suitcase.

Pack each shoe separately

This advice, of course, will not be tolerated by perfectionists, but by packing each shoe or sandals separately and placing them in different parts of the suitcase, you use space economically.

Use textile shelves

Put your things on the textile shelves and put them in your suitcase. You will get a kind of wardrobe in a suitcase. And upon arrival at your destination, just take out the shelf and hang it on the wall. You won’t even have to waste time on unpacking.

Use clean medicine bottles

To carry creams, shampoos and toothpaste with you, you can buy special sets of containers, or you can use plastic bottles and boxes for pills and medicines. They can also be used for toothpicks or cotton swabs to avoid taking whole packs.

Use scotch tape

To prevent liquids and gels from leaking out of the vials, you can seal the lids with adhesive tape.

Always pack glass containers securely

You can wrap the bottle in a towel. But if there is wine in it and it spills, then all the clothes will be stained. Therefore, they have not yet come up with better protection than a diaper. Yes, it didn’t seem to you. It will protect the bottle from shocks, and if it breaks or the cap is unscrewed, it will also absorb all the contents.

Always think through the contents of your luggage. Don’t take a lot of things unless you’re going to Fashion Week. Experienced tourists are also advised to take copies of documents with them, so that in case of loss of originals, it would be easier to restore them.

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