Sep 14, 2020
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10 things you can’t pick up on the street and bring home

10 things you can't pick up on the street and bring home

Even the most common objects that we often see on the street can become a symbolic sign of fate, warning of possible troubles. It is worth listening to a hint from above, but picking up a find and carrying it home can be dangerous.

Many often come across mysterious finds. And very often people bring their trophies home, naively believing that it was luck that smiled at them. However, not all things can be picked up and brought home - many of them can be dangerous and bring complete setbacks in life.

Picked up gold is very dangerous, especially if it is somewhere on the street, because it is often used in all kinds of rituals, for example, when transferring damage. Gold jewelry is thrown away on the street to convey their personal problems to a stranger. For this, only a touch is enough - the biofield of the one who lifted the jewelry will change, and with it the fate may change. Pectoral crosses deserve special attention, which are best avoided if you do not want to take on someone else's responsibility.

Knives, scissors, awls, needles may be unclean. It is believed that all negative energy is collected at the edge of the knife. It can affect health, financial flow, happiness in personal life, or even rewrite destiny. In addition, a knife or awl could be thrown away as evidence.

The key has long been considered a magical item. Often, the keys become part of the ritual, during which a person symbolically locks himself from problems and adversities to the lock and throws out the key to start life from scratch. Therefore, if you do not want to open the door to someone else's bleak life, the editorial staff of advises you not to pick someone else's keys.

This is a black talisman, which is created in order to protect against evil. To create it, a small cloth bag is used, inside which a mixture of various herbs, oils, cut hair and nails is put. If such a bag lies on the street, then the matter is unclean. You should not tempt fate with your curiosity.

This item appeared a long time ago. The history of its application goes back to a time when people did not yet know agriculture. Now the bone needle is actively used in magical practices, especially in fortune telling and black rituals. If you pick up such a curiosity, it is guaranteed to reward you with someone else's misfortune.

Any tarot deck is dangerous, especially if you come across it on the street. There are a lot of nuances and hidden implications associated with such a find. It is not known who the previous owner of the cards was, but it is obvious that he is familiar with magic and probably put them on public display with ill will.

The mirror is a mysterious item that has long been considered dangerous. Mirrors have a memory that absorbs energy, events, emotions, feelings. Many practitioners do not recommend looking into other people's mirrors, let alone picking them up on the street - by doing this, you can overlook your life.

In banknotes, there is no negative that a raised coin can bestow. Of course, more often than not, coins on earth are the result of a person's absent-mindedness. But it may also happen that the coin is charmed. Sorcerers and witches often transfer diseases, failures and other troubles to coins, and then purposely throw them away at the crossroads with the expectation that someone will take all this "baggage" for themselves.

There is a sign that finding an icon on the street is unfortunately. The discarded shrine could have been used in black rites and, most likely, with bad intentions, otherwise the icon would not have been thrown away. It is believed that such a find can transfer the sins and anger of God to a new owner.

No matter how much you would like to pick up an expensive and work phone found on the staircase or on the street, you should not do this. Such a thing is considered sensitive to the biofield of its current owner. Therefore, picking up someone else's phone, you can violate the integrity of your own biofield. According to legends, all the troubles and problems of the previous owner can pass to you.

You can often find valuable things on the street. The temptation to take them for yourself may be great, but such finds are not always harmless: some objects can be cursed and left in a conspicuous place on purpose.

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