Apr 26, 2022
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10 signs that indicate that people are completely unsuitable for each other

10 signs that indicate that people are completely unsuitable for each other

At first, the relationship seems rosy to us, there are no problems in them. This is because there are not so many obligations in general.

The further we meet, the more difficult it becomes to rub against each other. However, loving people are able to find compromises.

In this article, we have collected points due to which your union has no future. Test your relationship for strength:

Miscellaneous financial values

All these stories about the fact that money does not matter are fairy tales. Do you still believe in them? Please take off your rose-colored glasses. Understand that walking in the park and looking either at the grass or at the snow is a utopia.

You will need something to live, eat and rest. If one of the partners wants to relax in the Maldives, and the other near the city river, this is a big problem.

It is important that you feel comfortable with each other, and this is impossible without material wealth.

Different ideas about leisure

And here it is important: your separate leisure time can be absolutely opposite. Do you like to dance in a club, and he likes to watch football in a bar – please. If you want to read a book and your boyfriend takes an extreme driving lesson, no problem.

It’s about something else. You should both enjoy your time together. You won’t be able to pretend for a long time, so you need to look for a person with similar views on life.

Contrasting views on global goals

It is impossible to be completely and in everything similar, to coincide on all issues. But there should be no contradictions in the main, global goals. Before you get married, analyze if you have any serious contradictions? Politics, faith, children’s issues are incredibly important issues for a relationship.

Mismatch in the intimate sphere

Incompatibility in intimate matters is another reason to think seriously. What seems unimportant today will create serious problems in a couple of years. If you are not very active in this area, and your husband needs twice a day, one day you will want to run away. Unavoidable disagreements, betrayals and so on will begin.

Different expression of emotions

One is passionate in Italian, the other is Scandinavian cold, one is polite, the other in a quarrel can offend and call names – these are serious problems. They cannot be ignored. If you do not know how to tune in to the general wave, the relationship is unlikely to last long.

Inability to quarrel

Of course, during a quarrel, it seems to everyone that only he is right, and the partner is wrong. It is impossible to agree, no one makes concessions? Things are bad, in promising couples people always discuss problems and look for a way out together. And where the blanket is constantly drawn over itself, revealing another, there is no future.

Lack of common interests

Another disadvantage is the lack of common interests, hobbies, topics for conversation. Neither intimate well-being, nor money will take out the relationship of people who have nothing to talk about. You can have different hobbies, but at least in some you must match.

Great vision for the future

Psychologists recommend that you sit down and write down your ideas about the future point by point and compare them with your partner’s ideas. It may turn out that a wedding, two children and a house outside the city are only your dreams. Compromises in these matters are unacceptable.


I will not tire of repeating: you should have the same or at least similar views on life. You may not like ketchup and your partner may, but that doesn’t matter in a normal relationship.

Much more important is whether you will grumble together, looking at a broken cup or laugh with the words “For good luck!”.

Different sense of humor

No wonder they say that the true essence of a person is revealed through his jokes. If you are “on the same wavelength” and can joke and laugh out loud at each other’s jokes without hesitation, congratulations, you have amazing compatibility.

It is clear that you can pretend for a long time and not see problems in a relationship, but what’s the point? Do you really want to be a happy person? Do not torture yourself or others and everything will be fine!

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