Oct 20, 2021
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10 questions you shouldn’t ask others

10 questions you shouldn't ask others

Questions not to ask others

Incorrect and simply shameless questions can ruin relationships with others in one second. These are the questions that should never be asked unless you want to be known as a prude and a sneak.

1. “Why are you still not married?” Do you think a girl would be pleased to hear such a question? If she still hasn’t gone down the aisle, there are good reasons for this. And you don’t need to know about them. Your sympathetic questions will only make it worse.

2. “How much do you earn?” Information about personal finances does not concern anyone. You are not a tax authority to ask such a question. A person can hide his earnings. And he has every right to do so. Not everyone advertises their wealth. And rightly so.

3. “And where did you get that awful sweater?” This can only be said by a great couturier. If asked. In other cases, it is simply uncivilized to ask such a question. The person buys what he likes, not you. It is not a fact that you yourself are normally dressed.

4. “When will you have kids?” The question of childbearing is unmatched in its shamelessness. Maybe a person does not want to have children at all, this is his inalienable right. Or he cannot do it for health reasons. Your questions about children hurt you in the very heart.

5. “How many men (or women) did you have?” A question like this, even if it is addressed to a close friend, is not polite. No one is obliged to share their private life secrets with you. And one more thing: for what purpose are you interested? Why do you need this information? Probably to spread gossip later.

6. “Do you know that your ex has a new passion?” Maybe the person knows. But he does not want to stir up the past. Why remind him once again of his former love. In general, such a question is asked for the purpose of provocation. See how the victim will react.

7. “Have you tried dieting?” The question is asked in a sympathetic tone with sadness in his eyes. Like, look at yourself, you have already completely turned into a fat pig. Let the person decide for themselves whether or not they should go on a diet.

8. “Why do you need two higher educations?” Indeed, why should a person learn? You can safely go to work for a penny and not be interested in anything. Don’t judge people by yourself. They will learn and develop as much as they see fit.

9. “How did you manage to marry him?” Such pitying questions indicate that a person does not know where politeness dwells. He allows himself to interfere in other people’s family affairs. Although most certainly not everything is so smooth with a spouse (or wife).

10. “Why are you disfiguring yourself with tattoos?” The Constitution stipulates that a person has complete freedom of action. He can do whatever he sees fit with his body.

It is not necessary to obtain your permission. If a person likes tattoos, he will do them.

Never ask such questions to others. Or ask if you want to quarrel. Remember that a harsh question can come up with a tough answer.

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