Jun 27, 2021
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10 questions for Putin

In the photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin (on the screen) during a large annual press conference

In the photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin (on the screen) during a large annual press conference (Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS)

As the other day, the Rossiya TV channel happily reported that more than 100 thousand questions and appeals have already been received from the citizens of the country to the president’s traditional direct line. Putin, which will take place on Wednesday 30 June.

The set of topics is also traditional: low wages and beggarly pensions, exorbitant tariffs for communal services, expensive medicines or their complete absence, bad roads, emergency housing and the rest of the list with which people beat their foreheads to the tsar-father in the hope that he will protect the orphans and the poor, will punish the embezzlers and covetous people and make happy individual lucky ones who are lucky.

Unless this year will add to this list the coronavirus pandemic, vaccinations and other cases related to the eastern infection, which, like a mountain snake about three wave-heads, gnaws the country and does not want to calm down.

Be sure: the president will respond to all these questions, advise, help someone, and punish someone. He will give gifts to children, and the sick with vouchers to a sanatorium, maybe even someone’s apartment from the high Kremlin skies will fall into their hands in the form of a consoling order for years of waiting …

And the canals will flow where necessary, and the holes on the roads will be filled up, and the cisterns on the toilet bowls are repaired, and the current roofs are urgently covered with imported ondulin tiles. You see that mayors and governors are already settling in front of televisions with adjustable wrenches, hammers, shovels and other entrenching tools in order to run and repair themselves, and then hastily report: “We did it, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! We are glad to try, the people are reassured and happy ”.

A funny, ridiculous scenario worked out over many years …

But that’s not what we are talking about. We are about those questions that either will not be asked on a very straight line, or will be asked, but they will not seep through a sieve of preliminary and very strict selection and censorship, or even – there are such miracles in our life – these questions will sound, but they will be blurred , are spellbound and drowned in long, sleek and viscous bureaucratic verbal spells. In a heap of empty phrases and meaningless formulations.

Therefore, we decided to ask them here, not hoping for an answer, but considering them the main and essential. Themes were not divided into internal and external, placing them in an arbitrary order. As is done on this very straight line.

  1. Mr. President, we know your love for Japanese culture and martial arts, but when will you discard all these gimmicks, approaches and half-grips, half-grips that are appropriate on the tatami, but not in real politics, and do not directly state: “The question of the ownership of the Kuril Islands, including Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and the Lesser Kuril Ridge, has been closed forever and completely. Under no circumstances can there be any negotiations on the transfer of these territories to Japan or joint ownership. If Tokyo intends to continue these demands, linking the conclusion of a peace treaty with territorial claims, then this is their business, we will live peacefully without a peace treaty, as we lived before that for 75 years and we can live at least a thousand more “?
  2. Vladimir Vladimirovich, when will you publicly apologize and cancel the predatory so-called pension reform and return the retirement period to the previous indicators – 55 for women and 60 for men, and ideally reduce the retirement age even further? After all, it is absolutely clear that there is no normal work for the elderly in Russia and is not expected, and the continuation of this retirement hop-stop will only lead to the impoverishment of millions of older Russians …
  3. Why are you looking back at the densest and darkest masses and do not openly declare a total and compulsory vaccination against coronavirus by means of administrative, financial, economic and social coercion measures, including a ban for non-accustomed people to use public transport, buy plane and train tickets, intercity buses and trains , purchase travel packages, visit movies, exhibitions, concerts, performances, etc. Is it really incomprehensible that methods of explanation and persuasion do not work in a pandemic and that a whip is required?
  4. Why are you opposed to the return of the death penalty for particularly serious crimes, in particular against minors, pregnant women or crimes with multiple victims?
  5. Don’t you understand that it is necessary to end any relations with the Ukronazi regime – political, economic and others, completely block trade and at the same time recognize the independent republics of Donbass within the administrative boundaries as of January 2014, conclude agreements with them on mutual assistance, including military, and thereby guarantee a ceasefire on the part of the Ukronazis? How much can you scoff at the population of the DPR and LPR, which has been living in the limbo of “no peace, no war” for the eighth year?
  6. Why do you in every possible way resist the introduction of a progressive scale of personal income tax and taxation of up to 70 percent of the super profits of oligarchs and VIP managers of the largest state corporations, while introducing the most severe criminal prosecution for attempted tax evasion?
  7. When will the nationalization of the strategic sectors of the economy – raw materials, energy, metallurgy and others, which ended up in the hands of the oligarchs in the 90s as a result of loans-for-shares auctions and other fraudulent schemes? Isn’t it time to return to the state what was impudently and unceremoniously stolen from it?
  8. How long can you continue relations with clearly Russophobic and openly negative towards Russia European structures, including the Council of Europe, the European Commission, PACE, the ECHR and the like? Until when will we feed the European bureaucracy with our membership fees?
  9. Will the clearly harmful, destructive for Russia migration policy be stopped, when millions of guest workers from Central Asia are imported as cheap and unskilled labor, which leads to an increase in social tension within the country and preserves backward technological processes?
  10. Vladimir Vladimirovich, are you immortal?

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