May 29, 2022
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10 Little Known Ways to Use Nivea Cream

10 Little Known Ways to Use Nivea Cream

Nivea in classic blue jars is a staple in many men’s and women’s makeup bags. But it’s not just good for quickly upgrading your hands. You can use it in many other ways too!

1. Anti-aging agent

Declare war on wrinkles with Nivea. Just apply a little cream on the areas where you notice wrinkles before going to bed and you will notice the difference in no time!

2. Stretch marks

To prevent stretch marks after pregnancy, you can rub Nivea on your stomach, chest, and thighs every day. It’s just as good as expensive stretch marks-targeting oils.

3. Circles under the eyes

If you have had a long sleepless night, you may wake up the next morning with dark circles under your eyes. They can be quite difficult to hide, so avoiding them altogether is always preferable. Before going to bed, try massaging your skin with a cream. Wash your face gently the next morning and you will see the change.

4. Make-up removal

If you have Nivea at home, you can forget the trendy makeup removers. You don’t need them. Dip a cotton pad into the cream and wipe off makeup.

5. Dry elbows

Many people suffer from dry, even cracked skin on their elbows. Nivea is the perfect moisturizer to leave your skin soft and smooth.

6. Dry hands

Dry hands are a common problem, especially if you wash your hands often. However, you don’t need an expensive hand cream for dry skin. You can just use Nivea: it’s such a powerful moisturizer.

7. Prevention and treatment of dermatitis

Due to its particularly thick texture, Nivea is well suited for the treatment of various types of serious skin problems.

8. Treatment of minor burns

This cream will be your savior: it soothes the skin and helps prevent blisters.

9. Treats sunburn

We all have those summer days when we forget to put on sunscreen and stay outside longer than expected. Then we get covered in the infamous, painful, red burns. But with a few swipes of Nivea, the area will cool down and you can enjoy relief.

10. Lip balm

Dry, rough lips don’t get many kisses. To restore soft and supple lips, simply apply Nivea several times a day for several days. You will get kisses and also save money on expensive lip care products

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