Sep 8, 2022
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10 Foods You Shouldn’t Order at Fast Food

10 Foods You Shouldn't Order at Fast Food

This generation has a love/hate relationship with fast food. On the one hand, it’s convenient and inexpensive, and available everywhere, so you can pick up a burger or taco at any time. On the other hand, it is filled with carbohydrates and preservatives, so fast food is not very nutritious for you and your family. So, what should one person or a family with children eat for lunch?

A survey of fast food workers was recently conducted. They revealed 10 products/items that customers should avoid at all costs and the list is shocking! They had 3 reasons for the parts they chose: they offered a low value, they were in unsanitary conditions, or they couldn’t be made in the best possible way.

Here is the list:

1. Drinks with ice

Ice makers do not receive deep cleansing. They just get a superficial brushing at night.

2. Soda

Nobody ever cleans these cars because it’s so labor intensive.

3. Cappuccino with ice

Another drink machine that never gets cleaned.

4. Coffee

If you do not drink coffee in the morning, then it is better to refuse it.

5. Decaffeinated coffee

Just as bad, maybe even deceptive.

6. Spaghetti

this is the worst value of any pasta. It is bought in bulk, so they add oil and too much salt.

7. Shrimp Dishes

This is not food. One order is six or seven small shrimp as per policy.

8. Sweet tea or any tea in metal containers

These containers are so big that if something falls inside, the workers will just reach out and get it out!

9. White mocha

Commercial white mocha is not something you want to eat. All the ingredients are unnatural, so it’s “absurdly unhealthy”.

10. Tuna salad

It’s not even in the fridge, so who knows what’s in it? It comes in bulk, one part tuna to two parts mayonnaise, and is shaped like a weird pink rectangle.

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