May 14, 2022
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10 facts about how smart people deal with rudeness and rudeness

10 facts about how smart people deal with rudeness and rudeness

If you’ve ever been driving during rush hour or moving in a crowd on the subway, you know perfectly well that there are a lot of rude people around. Someone is frankly rude, someone just shows disdain, but rudeness is found everywhere. Unfortunately, it is often contagious.

You cannot control someone else’s behavior, but what if it provokes you to respond with rudeness?

Here are 10 smart tips:

1. Understand that rudeness is not new.

Rudeness is an integral part of human nature. Even Plato complained that the youth had lost all respect for the elders and did not know how to behave. For many, rudeness simply becomes a habit.

In addition, negativity is passed on to others and causes a chain reaction. But if you understand that such behavior is bad for productivity, well-being and mood, then you can stop it.

2. Stop the cycle of rudeness

Rudeness spreads like a contagious disease, if allowed. One rudeness immediately gives rise to the next – and so on.

Let’s say a rude driver cuts you off on your way to work. As a result, you pour out your discontent on innocent colleagues. And they are rude to other people because their mood is spoiled …

Break this vicious cycle!

3. Don’t take rudeness personally

To break the vicious circle, you first need to learn not to take rudeness personally. Everyone has those unfortunate days when it seems like the whole world is ganging up on you. The temptation to take out anger on the first comer is sometimes irresistible.

Now understand that everyone has bad days. If you are rude, it is not necessarily about you!

4. Respond to rudeness with kindness

One of the best ways to defuse an inhospitable environment is to remain friendly and positive. This gives the rude man a chance to calm down and stop being rude. Courtesy is the perfect antidote to rudeness.

Of course, it can be very difficult to show courtesy in response to a frown and rudeness. But try to find strength in yourself. Remember that it is humiliating to stoop to the level of a brute: it will be much cooler to remain calm.

5. Lighten the mood with a joke

A stubborn brute creates tension and stress around him that everyone around him feels. Humor can defuse the situation by easing tension and reducing everything to a joke.

Joke about something that is public and understandable. You can also make fun of yourself – it always works. Help the bully to relax and reset the situation.

6. Point out the rude to the inadmissibility of his behavior

Another effective technique to break the cycle of rudeness is to simply point out the rude person to his behavior and demand courtesy. If you are constantly being rude by a person from whom you cannot escape, it is worth talking about it bluntly.

Talk to the brute. He may not even realize that his words and actions hurt you.

7. Don’t raise the stakes

When you get rude, your first instinct may be to snap back. But remember: you can always keep yourself (and only yourself!) in your hands. Resist the temptation to escalate the drama.

Keep calm. Breathe deeply and give yourself time to cool down. Do not stoop to the level of a boor – this will only worsen the situation.

8. Show Empathy and Sympathy

To show empathy, you must first try to understand why the person is being rude to you. Perhaps he is now having a difficult period in his personal life or he does not have time to hand over the work on time. Let him know that you understand his problems so that he doesn’t feel so alone in his struggle.

Show sympathy instead of condemnation, and you will see: most likely, the rude person will correct himself and even ask for forgiveness. And if he gets even angrier, then it’s a bad business. Don’t waste time on it.

9. Set a Good Example

For some people, rudeness is a way to demonstrate their power or dominance. Perhaps they want to provoke a reaction and make you look negative. Do not go to meet them, losing your temper.

By setting an example of courtesy, fairness, and compassion, you will confuse them. Either they will have to go to your level of communication, or completely go beyond the bounds of decency. In the latter case, you can call on outsiders for help.

10. Avoid Bullying

If all else fails, remember that sometimes the best way is to turn around and walk away. If you’ve done your best, shown empathy and courtesy, but nothing helps, you may have come across a rare specimen – an incorrigible boor.

These are best avoided: the fewer targets available to the boor, the better. In addition, in the absence of an audience, he will not be able to get nasty to anyone.

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