Dec 30, 2020
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10 effective life hacks that will extend the life of your clothes and shoes

10 effective life hacks that will extend the life of your clothes and shoes

When we buy the things we like, we hope that they will last a long time, but there are always unforeseen circumstances in the form of stains or other troubles that significantly shorten the life of our wardrobe.

Today we will try to save him, as our editorial team has prepared 10 great tips that will extend the life of your clothes.

How to clean your sneakers

Just mix the baking soda and detergent and brush your toothbrush soaked in the mixture over the white edging of your sneakers or sneakers. You yourself will be very surprised by the result!

How to quickly hang clothes on a hanger

You need to reach through the collar of the product, then take the hanger in this hand and stretch your hand back. Voila!

How to make tights more durable

To prevent the arrowhead on the pantyhose from putting you in an awkward situation, sprinkle them with a little hairspray before going out. Try it!

How to stop the arrow on pantyhose

To prevent the arrow from going all over your leg, simply apply a little nail polish to the edges of the hole or arrow that has already started.

Stretching new shoes

Are you a little tight with a new pair of shoes? Then pour water into 2 plastic bags and put them inside the shoe. Then place the steam in the freezer overnight. Corns are not afraid of you now!

To keep jeans color

Add some vinegar to the washing machine every time you wash your jeans. The same can be done when washing other dark items.

“Tongue” under control

If the tongue is constantly lost on the zipper in the pants, secure it with a pin or key ring.

How to remove sweat stains on white clothes

You just need to treat problem areas with lemon juice before washing.

Red wine stains

Soda, white wine, or salt are equally effective at removing red wine stains from freshly poured clothing.

How to thread a lace in a sweatshirt

It can be threaded using the wide beverage straw. Thread the string through a straw, and then thread the straw through the hole for the string.

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