Jan 3, 2022
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10 beautiful looks to start winter

10 beautiful looks to start winter

We invite you to consider stylish winter looks for warm and cold weather in Russian winter

Changeable winter weather either pleases us with fluffy flakes of snow, or “descends from heaven to earth” with wet slurry and puddles under our feet. And all this in one day! How to think about style when harsh environmental conditions are pushing you to spend all your savings on a ticket to warmer countries? But a real woman will always find a way to look good!

We invite you to consider stylish winter looks for the warm and cold weather of the Russian winter.

In this look, the accent is made on one of the hottest trends of the season – high over the knee boots in a pleasant light brown shade. The color of the sheepskin coat is a little richer and goes into red, but it is perfectly set off by a white trapeze dress. In this form, you are unlikely to go for a walk around the city, but a meeting with friends, a date with a loved one or a fun club event is easy!

As you may have guessed, the warm brown and beige color scheme, taking into account the return to fashion of sheepskin coats and jackets with sheepskin, is one of the most preferred this winter. If for some reason you do not like white (the most trendy color of the season) or are tired of the current silver metallic, then this is definitely your option!

This is a very cozy casual look for walking in dry weather! All materials are soft and create some kind of unreal “plush” effect: fur boots, oversized sweater, outerwear with sheepskin trim. A chunky knit hat with pom-poms matches the rest of the ensemble in color, and black tight-fitting leggings balance the overall look. This rather warm option is suitable for both relatively warm weather and cold weather. But in severe frost, it is better to give preference to elongated outerwear options.

Black total look in winter does not look gloomy at all! In addition, if you give it an interesting shape, then such an image will be no less noticeable than a bright multi-colored one.

A black mid-thigh fur coat and warm flared trousers made of thick fabric will keep you warm and make your look elegant and stylish. If desired, dilute the ensemble with a colored accent: for example, a handbag, a voluminous hat or a cap.

Bring all the winter trends together in a stylish white and silver look: a warm silver puffer coat, white turtleneck sweater dress and lace-up platform boots. Instead of tights, we propose to wear warmed winter leggings and add a stylish headpiece to this look. Then this set will be perfect for the coldest weather!

An oversized black down jacket can be not only warm, but also very beautiful! For frosty weather, such a look will be the most successful solution if you put on a warm bulky sweater under the down jacket. A stylish everyday look will not be suitable for important events and will not pass a strict office dress code, but in any other situation it will be just a salvation!

For work, important meetings, a date or dinner at a restaurant, you can choose an outfit in pleasant nude shades. Such a sheepskin coat is not created for long winter walks and is more suitable for special outings. If you travel around the city by car, then this stylish set can be a good office option. Especially if you wear a light top under a fur coat: a blouse, badlon or shirt.

For any weekend entertainment, be sure to try wearing something flashy and flirty! This is so uplifting! Seductive red stiletto boots are the perfect match for a salmon pink dress and a caramel pink down jacket. By the way, in the past year, such a color combination is in trend!

Stylish and minimalistic calm image based on a warm sheepskin coat and simple basic things. Suitable for the coldest weather and a great everyday option.

Actual loose trousers in trendy white, a bright accent detail – a red wide belt, a silver badlon and a stylish metallic down jacket create an excellent look for walking on a warm winter day. Add a bright hat, a voluminous sweater to the ensemble – and you can use this look even in colder weather.

Another beautiful and simple enough look for cold weather: warm suede boots with a low ride, a stylish sheepskin coat with a fur-trimmed hood, skinny and winter leather gloves. Put on a cozy, warm turtleneck sweater and go make a snowman! This look is suitable not only for walking: depending on the first layer you choose, you can use this set in any other situations.

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