May 8, 2022
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1 simple exercise that will give you some optimism

1 simple exercise that will give you some optimism

Scientists have repeatedly proven that optimism is good for health – not only mental, but also physical. Optimists, on average, live longer and get sick less.

But the problem is that optimism is not some fixed quality. Most people lose their optimism as they age. Research shows that only about 25% of optimism is inherited – the rest depends on the environment. In other words, how you live affects how you see the future.

Quite logical, right? But does this mean that you cannot influence your own mood without changing the world around you?

Fortunately not! There is one simple psychological exercise that will give you a boost of optimism. And if you do it regularly, the consequences will be long-term.

This exercise is a visualization of the future

Many people confuse visualization with imagination, but although there is a direct connection between these concepts, they are not the same thing.

Visualization is the direction of the imagination with a specific purpose. This is a practice in which you use the power of consciousness and imagination to make your desires come true.

Sounds pretty simple, but many people have trouble visualizing because they might not know what they need to do in order to do it and see the results. If you learn to visualize correctly, you will start getting what you want.

You don’t just daydream, imagining yourself in a new job, or seeing yourself achieve some goal in the future. Visualization means that you are mentally transported to a scenario in which you achieve the desired goal, and experience it by connecting your emotions (creating a full-fledged scenario for virtual reality).

Here are the three main imaging steps for getting the best result:

1. Remembrance

Give yourself a few minutes to calm down your internal dialogue and just remember some image. As long as you’re not trying to “see” anything, you’re just remembering – a person, a place, an object, an event, or even a physical sensation or emotion.

If your goal is to earn a certain amount of money or find your soul mate, you are more likely to achieve those future goals if you try to focus on the images and feelings associated with them. You will recognize the right emotions by the sensation in your body: the hairs may stand on end, and excitement will appear in the body.

2. Realism

When your eyes are closed, you can see flashes of light and various patterns. This state allows you to make the visualization more realistic. The images that you remembered in the first stage become more realistic.

At this point, you can choose what to do next with your visualization. You can play with the images that come to you and make them what you want to see, or let the images develop on their own.

3. Awakening potential

First of all, remember that you are not just daydreaming by letting go of your imagination. This is the last step that takes you into your visualization.

When your dream-driven mind turns to visualization, the images you recall become realistic and are accompanied by emotions (which you choose). It is very similar to lucid dreaming, but you are awake.

At this stage, you are perfecting your visualization, turning it into a powerful command for consciousness. This command is: “This is what I want.”

Numerous studies show that this exercise brings real benefits. Try it and decide for yourself!

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